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Strategic Impact of IT Trends In the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry is unique and fascinating especially when discussing IT and the future of Information Management. On one hand, this is typically a conservative industry, where regulations and the nature of the business leave little room for companies to be agile and, therefore, making most organisations resistant to change. On the other hand though, it relies ultimately in innovation and high-tech adoption to leverage its knowledge and develop new products that enables its organisations to stay competitive in the market, and simultaneously, to provide better healthcare to the world population.

But, is the pharmaceutical industry ready to accept and adopt the latest IT trends such as Cloud computing, Mobility, and Strategic Big Data and Analytics?

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Although many reports have been written about IT trends and many more are issued on a regular basis, very few are dedicated to this industry, and very rarely attempt to collect lessons learned from the Pharmaceutical industry and apply them to other sectors. The present report is an attempt to fill in this gap.

The report analyses whether companies in this industry are ready to embrace Cloud-computing, Strategic Big Data and Analytics (BD&A), and Mobility to their benefit (e.g. to develop new business models in new and emerging markets); or whether they are not capable of fully utilising them because alone these trends represent a threat (e.g. security, ethics, etc.) and, therefore, destroy such business models - and even cause physical damage to the population if products and services fail!

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From a practical point of view, this research aims to answer not only the aforementioned questions, but also to raise awareness of topics that decision makers (especially CIOs/CTOs) should be aware of when deciding about a trend to adopt.

Moreover, although the focus is on a particular industry, the greater goal is to draw conclusions that can be used as an accelerator for other industries and/or companies, and to quickly allow them to decide whether they are ready for IT trends or not.



I’m a senior IT professional with nearly 20 years of Digital Transformation and Corporate IT Strategy delivery experience, most of which working in an international environment leading multinational teams, in countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Angola, and Singapore to name but a few.

Why this project?

For more than 4 years, I was privileged to be part of a large Business transformation initiative in the Pharmaceutical industry, where I had the opportunity to learn about its culture, operating model and…its readiness for adopting IT trends. Such experience gave me the motivation to write my Executive MBA dissertation at Cass Business School (London, UK).

This project was focused on the Strategic Impact of IT Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and it was finally submitted nine months after it has begun. The report marked a key milestone, the successful completion of the MBA, but it was never seen as the end of the project. My ambition was to publish a refined version of the submitted report, ultimately to share both my research and its conclusions with a wider audience.

This work targets professionals on the pharmaceutical industry, but also, everyone with an interest in cloud computing, mobility and strategic big data and analytics, as conclusions to other industries can be (and are) drawn upon those found in Pharma.

Should you like to collaborate in pursuing such investigation or giving me feedback, feel free to connect using the CONTACT FORM or     

Thank you!


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